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With Burgerstein microcare®, a specialist (doctor, pharmacist, chemist, or naturopathic practitioner) can prepare a personalised micronutrient blend customised to your requirements. Numerous factors such as lifestyle, eating habits, and health status can be taken into account in this process.

Ideal combination of individual micronutrients

Burgerstein microcare® is comprised of a selection of exceptionally bioavailable granules that contain vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids. The range is completed by a selection of plant extracts and other interesting nutrients (e.g. chondroitin sulfate), which optimally complement the micronutrients listed above. These substances keep the metabolism in balance and help to maintain good health.

What is different about Burgerstein microcare®?

Wide range of micronutrients and appropriate supplements

Burgerstein microcare® allows you to supply your body with the desired quantity and combination of micronutrients. This is made possible by the extensive range and attractive granular dosage form. The Burgerstein microcare® range thus guarantees a high level of flexibility for the specialists working with the products.

Burgerstein remains true to its principles

Burgerstein places the highest value on quality, and considers good absorption and biovailability of the ingredients to be key. This means that Burgerstein microcare® granules are produced according to orthomolecular principles, using only ingredients that naturally occur in the diet and in the body. In addition, all active substances used have undergone scientific research and investigations into their safety and benefits.

Sophisticated production process

Burgerstein microcare® granules are manufactured by means of a proprietary process that meets GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements.
The sophisticated production process and application of a natural coating ensure that sensitive substances are protected, and that smell and taste are masked where required. This makes it straightforward to take the individual micronutrient blends as the granules do not stick together or expand, which means they are easy to swallow.
To maintain the highest possible level of active substances in the granules, the fewest possible excipients are used. The granules also contain no fillers or fibre, which allows the rapid release and efficient absorption of the ingredients.

Support for specialists

A computer-based expert system helps specialists select those substances and dosages they consider appropriate based on your lifestyle, eating habits and personal health status.
Your customised micronutrient blend is prepared in a specialised pharmacy or drugstore. The individual recipe will be stored in compliance with data protection regulations and may be reordered at any time in its original form or modified in accordance with your requirements at the time.

When should Burgerstein microcare® be taken?

Just right for all age groups

Burgerstein microcare® is suitable for all age groups – from children to the elderly.

  •  As a preventive measure to maintain well-being

  •  As a supplement to correct a metabolic imbalance

  •  To support conventional or complementary medical treatment

  •  For individuals unwilling or unable to swallow tablets or capsules

  •  When exercising

Micronutrients – their significance for life

Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and fatty acids, i.e. micronutrients, are ubiquitous and indispensable in human metabolism.
They play a part in important processes in every single cell in the body. Vitamin B12 and iron, for instance, contribute to normal energy metabolism and are therefore able to reduce fatigue and lack of energy, while vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc support the normal functioning of the immune system.
The body produces certain micronutrients itself, but particular circumstances (e.g. age, lifestyle or certain types of medication) may cause a drop in the body's own production. There are also some micronutrients that our body cannot produce itself, which means they have to be supplied “from the outside” through food or (e.g. in the case of not eating a balanced diet or at times of increased requirements) through appropriate supplements.
For cells and tissues to interact efficiently to achieve an optimum state of health, micronutrients need to be available in sufficient quantity, in the correct form, and in the right place at the right time. In addition, most micronutrients are utilised continuously, which means that a constant supply of the appropriate substances is required to guarantee smooth metabolic processes.

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